north star tours

North Star was established with strong foundation of experience and passion to help you find your way to have the best adventures.

Our guides are very well experienced and our hiking teams in all the trails in Jordan are from the local communities who have huge love toward their land and excellent knowledge to make it more than just a trip.

North star also offer a full range of trips designed to suit the needs of all travelers and trips like pilgrimage and spiritual tours, culture and leisure tours, eco-tourism.


We as North Star tours values the things that are most precious in our world: stunning landscapes, wildlife, history, culture and people. Our main goal is to increase the benefits of tourism including job creation, cultural heritage preservation and interpretation, wildlife preservation landscape restoration and to reduce the negative impacts on local communities and environments.

We emphasis responsible travel to natural areas that conserves the environment, sustains the well-being of the local people, and creates knowledge and understanding through interpretation and education of all involved (visitors, staff and the visited).”

North Star Policies

Water policy

Jordan is one of the poorest countries in water resources so water is precious so the wise Way of using water is highly needed, still there is always enough water for every one.Especially in hiking trips we provide water every 2 hours of the hike to avoid the waste of the water which get warm especially during hot seasons Advising visitors to use water for shower wisely To keep the teams in the deserts aware of the wise way of using water.

Plastic policy

Using reusable water bottles and refilling water in all types of trips.Especially In our hiking trips No plastic or paper cups usage and replaced by metal cups used all days of the trip, in addition to eco-friendly lunch box bag used all trip days.

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